TRUAX No-Till Drill rental

The no till-drill, parked, with the towing tongue visible.
Traus No-Till Drill

The Aitkin County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) now has a Truax No-Till Drill for rent!

This drill has 3 seeding boxes available. lt is recommended for use in planting native grasses and forbs. The back box is for smooth brome and small grains. The center box is used for fluffy seeds and has a picker wheel agitator to help move seed through the box. The front box is for small seeds such as clovers. lt can seed into firm, tilled ground but it is also built to cut into grass fields that have been grazed down, closely mowed or burned off.

Drill width is 12 feet and seeds a width of 8 feet with I inch row spacing. The drill requires a 50 to 60 HP tractor with hydraulic hookups.

Rental Rate:

Rental Rate: Minimum rental fee $50

  • Starts at $10/acre for use in Aitkin County; Add $5/acre for use outside Aitkin County. Please note that use outside of Aitkin County is limited to surrounding areas.
    • $10/acre up to 50 acres
    • $9/acre 51-70 acres
    • $8/acre 71-90acres
    • $7/acre 91-110 acres
    • $6/acre 111-130 acres
    • $5/acre 130 or more acres

Delivery Rates:

  • Distance from Aitkin SWCD:
    • 0-10 miles $50
    • 11-25 miles $75
    • 26-45 miles $100
    • $2.50 each additional mile

Security deposit of $150 due at delivery

Cleaning fee $40 if seed left in bins or machine is dirty or muddy

Use is restricted to Aitkin County, except in limited circumstances.

For more information, please contact Sam Seybold, or call the Aitkin County SWCD office at 218-927-7284.