Gravel Pit Noxious Weed Certification

Aitkin County SWCD is starting a Gravel Pit Noxious Weed Certification program for 2020 and 2021.  All active private gravel pits are offered this service free of charge. It consists of a site review by the County Ag Inspector and a management program for any discovered state designated noxious weeds. 

The goal of the Gravel Pit Certification Program is to certify gravel with a reduced seed bank, to reduce maintenance costs and the spread of Minnesota noxious weeds throughout the county.  The most common noxious weeds that infest gravel pits in Aitkin County are Common Tansy, Spotted Knapweed and Canada Thistle.

Canada Thistle

Active gravel pits/owners in the program working toward reducing seed banks in Aitkin County gravel are:

Franklin Turnock

Allen Ammala Excavating

spotted knapweed

Mark Ritter

Emery Inc.

Patrick Ritter

Park X LLC

Brooks Pit

Chad Westerlund

Tony Nistler

Johnson Sewer & Excavating INC

common tansy

Carlson Gravel Pit

Hawkinson Construction Co INC

Nelson Lakeside Farm

Kruse Gravel

Rick Boyer

Mark Demenge

Jeanette Strand

Help with noxious weed identification can be found here:

mature spotted knapweed

For more information, please contact: Aitkin County SWCD