Forest Management

A sunny day in a hardwood forest.

The Aitkin County Soil and Water Conservation District offers several options for forest landowners to learn more about your woods, or even just the trees in your yard!

Forest Management Videos

The Aitkin SWCD has partnered with several other agencies to create an educational video series about different types of forest management in Northern Minnesota. This on-going series currently has videos for White Pine management; an Aspen, Basswood, and other hardwood harvest; and the thinning of a Red Pine plantation.

Forest Stewardship Plans

The cover of a woodland stewardship plan, with two people walking along a forest path.

A Forest Stewardship plan may be the right fit for people that are interested in learning more about their woods and creating a management plan to help achieve their goals for their forests. Each landowner has different interests, and a Forest Stewardship plan is tailored accordingly. Several common goals in Aitkin County include creating young forest to improve deer and grouse habitat; protecting, preserving, and creating rare wildlife habitat; and ensuring that planted trees thrive. Registering a Forest Stewardship plan with the Minnesota DNR also qualifies property for enrollment in several tax-incentive programs, such as SFIA and 2C.

Native Tree Species Info

There are many native tree species in Aitkin County, and the Aitkin SWCD office has created a series of informational flyers about many of our native trees and shrubs. A one-page summary offers information about the benefits, soil moisture & composition, mature heights, and maintenance requirements of each species. These summaries can be found on our Native Tree Species page. Many of these trees are often available through the annual Native Tree and Plant sale.

Aitkin County’s Champion Trees

The Aitkin County SWCD maintains a list of the champion trees recorded in Aitkin County, which can be found on the Aitkin County Champion Trees page. A champion tree is determined by a combination of height, crown width, and circumference.