Native Tree and Shrub Sale 2023

The Native Plant & Tree Sale has begun for the 2023 season

Planting native tree species can mean more than just landscaping in your yard. Many conifers and shrubs can be used to create natural windbreaks. The berries of native shrubs will attract pollinators and birds, and many can be used to create unique jams and treats in the kitchen. In time, many tree species can be harvested for lumber and other food products as a source of income. The breathtaking colors of deciduous trees provide variety and color to fall landscapes.

Each species provides their own unique combination of food, habitat, and homes for a wide variety of wildlife. Click on the name of each shrub or tree below to see more information about the benefits, planting needs, and maintenance of each species.

We currently offer these tree and shrub species for sale:

To order, please see our 2023 Native Tree Sale Order form. Please note, we are sold out of Red oak and Bitternut Hickory.

Please order soon, supplies are limited. We anticipate orders will be available in early May for pick-up in Aitkin.

We are committed to providing the best experience possible and would like to hear your comments on our tree sale please fill out this survey if you have order trees through our office.

For more information, contact the Aitkin County SWCD at (218) 927-7284.