Native Tree and Shrub Sales Continue

Shrubs are in short supply!

Red Osier Dogwood – Great Winter Color!

Native trees and shrubs can be a great addition to your property. The benefits are many – from shade trees, and windbreaks to enhancing habitat for wildlife. Bare root varieties are an easy to plant and budget friendly alternative.

The Aitkin County SWCD offers a variety of tree and shrub species for sale. Order are taken until the supply is exhausted. Many shrub species are already nearly sold out for the spring of 2021. Place you order soon for the best chance to getting the species you want!

To order trees or shrubs please use the Tree Order Form. For more information contact the Aitkin County SWCD at (218) 927-7284. We can answer questions and help you select the species best suited for your site.

2021 Tree & Shrub Orders Being Taken!

The Aitkin County SWCD is pleased to offer bare root tree seedlings and shrubs for sale again this year. Plants are offered for the low cost of $25 for 25 trees or shrubs!

Species available include a variety of conifers and hardwoods – something for sunny sites to shady sites. These are all listed on the 2021 Tree Order Form. If you need help choosing the best species for your location give us a call at (218) 927-7284. We’d be glad to help!

Orders will be taken until the supply is exhausted. Simply return the order form with your payment, and your selections will be reserved for you. Plans are for the orders to be available for pick up in mid May 2021. Find the 2021 Tree Order Form by clicking on this link.

Common Tansy is invading Aitkin County

Have you seen the tall fern-leafed plants with the button-like flowers along the road during the middle of summer?  If you have noticed these, then you have likely seen the Common Tansy, an invasive species that is invading Aitkin County. Why are they bad for the environment? Why should you wear gloves before handling them?  What can you do to slow the spread of this toxic species?    This video has been developed to provide information regarding this invasive plant.

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2021 Native Plant Sale

The Aitkin County SWCD will once again be offering native plants and seed mixes for sale. If you are planning a new planting or enhancing and existing planting, we may be able to help you.

Two new seed mixes are offered this year – a Songbird Mix that improves forage and habitat for native songbirds, and a Bee Lawn. This low maintenance alternative to the traditional lawn is a friendly option for pollinator! We also brought back the popular plant species that were offered in the past!

Follow this link to see the order form… We can help you enhance your landscaping with Native Perennials!

Species available in 6-packs include: Wild Lupine, Black-Eyed Susan, Wild Bergamot, Blue Flag Iris, Common Milkweed, Little Bluestem, and Long Beaked Sedge.

Plant kits of 6 different species include: Pollinator Kits, Rain Garden Kits, and Woodland Edge Kits.

Four different blends of Native Seeds are also available!

Check out the order form for more details or give us a call at (218) 927-7284!