Enjoy the Outdoors – Week 4

The Aitkin County Soil and Water Conservation District (Aitkin County SWCD) is launching a weekly activity series for kids that encourages getting outdoors and learning about our environment!

Each week will feature a different topic. An activity sheet can be found on the SWCD website and on Facebook. Complete some or all of the activities and share the results with us at AitkinCoSWCD@gmail.com. Each week, one participant will be selected to receive a $ 10 gift certificate to the Dairy Queen. Have fun and take some time to Enjoy the Outdoors!

Week Four listens for Spring Songs! Now is the perfect time of year to look for and listen to our feathered neighbors. This new activity sheet will have you experiencing the outdoors in a different way – by using your sense of hearing. Enjoy getting outdoors this week and listen to the wonderful songs that surround us!

Week 4: Activity Sheet.
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Week Four (May 4th – May 9th) encourages us to listen for Spring Songs.
Week Three (April 27th – May 2nd) focuses on Forests as Homes!

Week Three focuses on Forests as aHomes. We are surrounded by forests in northern Minnesota, but have you ever thought about how many creatures call the forest home? A new activity sheet opens our eyes to the many benefits of the trees around us! Take a closer look at the trees in your neighborhood as you enjoy the outdoors this week!

Week 3: Activity Sheet.

Week Two (April 20th – 25th) Features Soil!

Week Two featured Soil. So much of what we do depends on soil – from growing food, and landscaping to keeping waters clean and helping wildlife. A new activity sheet featuring soil can be found on the SWCD website and on facebook. Enjoy the outdoors and maybe get a little dirty learning about soil!

Week 2: Activity Sheet.

Week One (April 13th – 18th) Features Water.

Week One featured Water. Ice is coming off lakes, rivers are flowing, frogs are singing. This is a great time to learn about water!

Week 1: Activity Sheet .